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Adam O. Pruett is a fuckin’ champ for helping out with this. “Helping out” — what a measly way of describing his incredible efforts. Anyway, THANK YOU, Adam!


The COPRA: ROUND ONE trade paperback, collecting the first six issues of Michel Fiffe’s critically acclaimed superhero revenge series, is coming soon from the fine folks at Bergen Street Comics. Book design by Michel and me.

I’m looking over an advance copy and words cannot describe how happy I am with the finished product. 160 pages, lovely cream-colored paper, heavy covers with a nice toothy grain texture, nice inside flaps like on those Fanta Jason comics… I could go on and on. What Michel has done with Copra is pretty incredible, and I don’t think I’m overstating things when I say that this is a fucking cool book.

Updates to come as soon as a street date is nailed down.